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Trips Wiser Frequently Asked Questions

Is Egypt safe to visit?

Tourists have been visiting Egypt for centuries, and the Egyptians have earned a well-deserved reputation for hospitality and kindness toward visitors. Egyptian cities are generally very safe, particularly in tourist areas. – There has been intermittent unrest and political violence in Egypt since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, but even the most intense episodes have occurred in a relatively small area of Cairo and other cities. Tourist sites, which are mostly located outside of these areas, have been unaffected, and Egyptians have no negative feelings toward foreign visitors. While Egypt is still in the midst of a political transition, it has had little impact on tourists’ experiences in the country.

How can I obtain my visa to visit Egypt?

Visitors to Egypt must have a passport valid for at least six month after their arrival and all foreign citizens must obtain a visa to enter Egypt. You can apply for a tourist visa at any Egyptian embassy or consulate around the world.
-Travelers of the following nationalities can purchase a 1-month entry visa without application upon arrival in Egypt: Australia, Canada, Croatia, European Union, Georgia, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Macedonia, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom and the United States. This only takes a few minutes to do at a bank window before you go through customs
– Egypt generally has three types of entry visas.

  1.  Entry visa–valid for one month; given to any non-Egyptian citizen entering the country without a previously purchased visa
  2.  Transit visa–given to any non-Egyptian citizen entering the country for a limited period of time for transit reasons
  3.  Tourist visa–valid for up to 3 months and available with single or multiple entries; purchased by the majority of visitors to Egypt from an Egyptian embassy or consulate before arriving in the country

Can I bring a personal supply of cigarettes and alcohol with me when I am visiting Egypt?

It is always recommended that travellers who wish to bring their own supply of cigarettes and alcohol to Egypt do that upon arrival. Duty-free shops can be found in Cairo, Luxor, Hurghada, El Gouna, and Sharm El Sheikh airports. Tourists may purchase up to 3 litres of alcohol and 200 cigarettes upon arrival.

Do Egyptians speak languages other than Arabic?

English is taught in schools throughout Egypt. As a result, the majority of Egyptians who live in cities speak or understand at least a few English words or phrases. Fewer Egyptians speak French, Italian, Spanish, or German; however, professionals in the tourism industry are used to visitors who do not speak Arabic, and they will speak enough English and other languages to meet the needs of the majority of visitors.

Can I take pictures while visiting the monuments in Egypt?

Most historical sites and museums in Egypt allow photography, but some charge a fee for bringing in a camera. However, photography is prohibited in some museums, such as the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities, and historical sites, such as the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, and visitors are asked to leave their cameras at the entrance.

What is the official currency in Egypt?

Egypt’s official currency is the Egyptian pound, also known as “Geneh” in Arabic and commonly abbreviated as LE. One Egyptian pound is equivalent to 100 piastres, or “Irish” in Arabic. There are banknotes in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, and 200 LE, as well as coins in denominations of 25 piastres, 50 piastres, and 1 pound. Because it can be difficult to find change for large bills at times, it is always a good idea to keep change on hand for taxis and tips.


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